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Default Re: Cranbrook Specs (sorry guys)

well everything i own with a motor i own always breaks so i am used to adversity. like really blazer with a blown tranny 2 dead riding mowers, Broke string on the push mower, putting new bushings on the 72 super beetle,threw a rod in the bus, i meant everything. so breakage is destiny. Truthfully people getting into any new hobby or lifestyle don't go out and pay top dollar. Along with many mistakes made by new people that don't happen with seasoned vets lends itself to many of the issues experienced.

So now back to the true matter at hand were can us poor boots find the parts we need, what size parts, what size parts can be made to fit, and what names should we stay away from so while we look and save money this super cheapo bastard bike doesn't go from something that could fail us to something that could possibly need a doctor to remove from us after a 30 MPH crash
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