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Default Re: ***bike Almost Done, Need Help!!***

Originally Posted by bowlersp View Post
ok, so i am pretty much done with everything. i went to try to pedal the bike and it was very hesitant and very hard to even pedal, also i can hear the piston in the engine and i haven't added the gas and oil mixture yet.

is it supposed to be this hard to bike? i haven't installed the clutch cable to the lever yet. i figure i could just flip on the clutch lever when i want to get it going.

attached is a photo, do i need to hook this up in order for the bike to run? or can i just turn the lever? thanks for the help!!
You could try and direct drive a 50/70 or whatever it is, but you wont get far. Those engines are clutched for a reason.

You need to attach the clutch up and here is a short methodology for starting


Choke on
petrol on
clutch disengaged
- If you spin the rear wheel at this point you will not hear the characteristic 'blupping' from the engine turning over with compression.
ride away from a standstill to a reasonable speed
clutch engaged
engine will spin up and hopefully fire
when engine fires disengage clutch and pedal for a little while to let the motor warm up
re-engage clutch and twist throttle for speed as required

remember you need a high oil petroil mixture for run in and check and recheck bolts and fixings pre ride - every ride

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