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Today I called lawn equipment shops, rental equipment shops, motorcycle shops, a couple oil distributors, in Dallas and Phoenix, and did on-line research.

One shop said they never recommend Opti 2 because they've seen too many failures with it. They recommend Echo

One shop only recommends and uses Opti 2, but their recommendation was slightly questionable after they told me it was synthetic. They didn't know what ratio they used because they only use the small packet made for 1 gallon, and whatever that comes out to is what they use. They did say they've had no failures. Every other shop that's heard of Opti 2 it said it's a good quality high end oil, but they like something else better, often Echo.

The brand mentioned most often was Echo.

All the motorcycle shops only like the usual premium brand motorcycle oils like Klotz, Amsoil, Golden Spectro, PJ1, Motul, Red Line. No motorcycle shop I talked to sold Opti 2.

One of the distributors that sells Red Line, and Torco said Red Line is good, but recommended Torco. He's told me in the past he gets a better price margin on Torco.

What this tells me is now days the top quality oils are all so good that it's impossible to tell much difference between them.

I should also mention, when I talked to the tech support at Red Line I ask what conditions would they recommend using Red Line at 100:1 instead of the 50:1 they normally recommend. They said if used in something like a trials bike where super throttle response is desirable, but full throttle is seldom used for more then a few seconds that would be one example. I think that's food for thought.

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