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Default Re: introducing the bairdco prototype cruiser.

the fat franks are cool, but they are just a bit too wide. the way i've got it set up, the chain's not grinding away at the tire, but like almost all 2 strokes, it slaps at it, making that nice grease streak.

i rode it down to the beach yesterday, and was hanging out with my buddy, he's the guy that bought it. he didn't care about the grease at all, so i'm not worried.

i'm not a fan of the creme coloured tires, anyway. i mean, they look good on some builds, but i like the basic black look. i'll be putting the tires i always ride on the next one, the Kenda Kiniption 26x2.3's. i have no probs with chain rub on my other bikes.

i called the company today, and now i'm waiting on prices. that's basically the "make it or break it" part. i'll let you know...
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