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Default Re: Who sells Skip Tooth Chain besides eBay?

Oh good, I'm glad its going to work for you. Yes, I meant to tell you the leaf spring came and I have been in consultation with Curtis fox about it. I think he's going to work on it for me over the winter using the front fork from the Monark sent to Steve in Canada. It looks to be a match to the Worksman front fork ,oddly enough. I'm guessing they need to be the same or at least very similar. And I'll be rebuilding a vintage seat for Curtis in recognition for his helping me. Not a trade really, just mutual help among friends. Pretty cool to pass things around this way and keep money out of the equation. I have a 42 Schwinn step through in excellent shape, garage kept, with a nice skip tooth that is probably going to become a trike at some point so will not use the skip tooth sprocket or chain. I also have a 39 Hiawatha with a skip tooth in less nice condition. Don't know what I'm going to do with that bike. If you get into trouble with your chain perhaps I can help you.
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