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Default Re: The costs of building from a free frame

What I've learned in 40 years of building hot rods and custom cars of various types is that there's an oversized amount of disaster crisis, oh my God we're all gonna die BS out there and few statistics to back it up. Someone folds a wheel, blows out a hub, swallows a fender or whatever and we start imagining every cheap bike is disassembling while its going down the road, which probably isn't true.

So honestly, what percentage of MB's have had serious equipment failures? For a particular bike (Chinese or otherwise), wheel, fork, hub, fender, etc. etc., how many have failed and what percentage of failures led to rider injury? In a niche market like this I highly doubt anyone knows - just not enough volume to justify an accurate study. So that leaves us with conjecture and urban legend and opinions based on individual limited experience.

As in the world of hot rods (a much larger market and also without equipment reliability stats), one needs to use common sense, build to suit the use and keep an eye on equipment maintenance and repair and always remember it is a modified vehicle being used in a way it wasn't originally designed for.

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