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Default Re: Pinion Gear Keeps Coming Off

Originally Posted by videomandw View Post

i've been having a problem with the small pinion gear that drives the larger clutch gear on my chinese two stroke. it has sheared the little key that fits between the pinion and crankshaft end three times. i've ordered new gears and new keys but it keeps doing it. i suspect it is because the slot on the end of the crank has been widened a little whenever the keys sheared. in other words, the keys fit into the crank slot kind of sloppy.

i just put another pinion gear and key on today.l i am not expecting it to hold very long. does anyone know of a fix for this? what are my options? am i going to have to install a whole new crank because of the sloppy fit slot? if i have to install a crank, how involved is that? what are the steps i have to take?

thank you in advance for any advice. if anyone has had their pinion gear come off several times, please let me know and what you did to remedy it.

valparaiso, in
Hi videomandw,I had this problem with mine three times now,the piece of metal which has come out of under your gear is called a woodruff key,the first two times it came out I put back in and would only last a couple of miles then it came out again,the third time i cleaned the slot and put loctite on it and so far has been fine,make sure you replace the gear straight,goodluck yendorrodney88.
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