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Default Re: Here from Britain

Originally Posted by Saddletramp1200 View Post
Jemma, unless your really hurting I'd leave that codine alone. My doc. gave me some when I broke my arm (tree jumped in front of my Schwinn) and I was happy! WAY to happy. Bent my front wheel, forks, knocked my gas tank off, ect. Those Tylanol 3 pills put me on cloud 9. Even after I did not need them I wanted more! Made me do things like jump on car hoods Here in Texas them trees will jump out on you with no warning! especilly after 8-10 beers. So if you can leave them alone. Later Tramp
Trust me - pain is muchly right now...

As standard the 1976 model year Jemma Hawtrey comes with (at this point in time)

* tendonitis in shoulders neck and back
* back damage in three places from idiot volvo driver backending me
* knee problems

At the moment - through something thats very hard to explain I am also dealing with pain from my partner - which is basically mega-ouchies from below the diaphragm to around the hips. on a score of 0-100 thats hitting about 80-odd right now..

hence the happytime meds

I do have to say that I *will not* discuss the ins and outs of Sashas condition on here more than to give an outline. Its a private matter.

My grandmother was allergic to opiates so a local hospital doctor gave her some anyways against the advice of my parents, his own nursing staff, and documentation from her doctor - and she was dead in 20 minutes. Believe me, I know to be careful of anything with opiates in it but its either that or curl up in a tight ball and yowl for a while

Jemma xx
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