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Originally Posted by Dan View Post
Since we are all so far flung, (and half a bubble off plumb) I propose that be the test. A proper shot glass on the top tube behind the tank. Half filled with water. (For now 'cause these things never end well and you will want a drink)
Exactly one half once. No more and no less. Gentleman's honor. Or in our case, insert ezm joke here.

Idle to full revs! Gentleman, submit your vids!

I like that "half a bubble off plumb!" Is that like a couple cans shy of a six-pack?To strive for as smooth as possible you have to address the whole package.
Port match intake & exhaust.deburr inside of intake and exhaust
Polish piston and combustion chamber and exhaust port."Tunable exhaust coming"
Higher output mag for better spark.indexed NGK plug, proper gap,better wire and boot.
Adjustable carb.Properly mixed oil/high test fuel.
Vibration "dampner" not "elimination" mounting system.
Vibration dampners inside covers.clutch,mag,clutch arm cover.
Spring-loaded chain tensioner with urathane sprocket! Better quality chain.
Balanced wheels and tires,and much much more!!! Kip.
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