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Default Re: Custom Clamps Made Easy

Thanks, Guys, they're so simple to make. The brand name on the ones I use is "Band-it" and are available worldwide. Just Google with your location to find distributors in your area. I also make clamps and hangers for my chainguard, electrical module and fuel tank because of the poor quality and always wrong length in the kit. The banding is so workable, you dont have to make a special tool. They can be formed with needle nose pliers. If you drill the bolt holes, be sure to hold it with something other than your fingers, and back it up solid, like an aluminum scrap or hardwood block. sheet metal strips seem to want to turn with your drill bit. I before I got my hole puncher, I used a stepped "drill tree" bit because after it made the hole, the next step automatically de-burred it. Good luck, I can't wait to see some cool clamps on your bikes. I sure some of you will find innovative ways to use them.
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