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Good Morning Guys, Well i guess i will add my 2cents here.... First of all let me just say I love these little chinese engines for what they are and believe that for the money they would be hard to beat... I spent most of my adult life working with industrial and agrigultural equipment, I.E. Pumps,Harvesters, and Wind machines...and relacement engines for industrial applications....over the years(i am 55) i have seen a multitude of engine mounting systems and read factory supplied tech manuals regarding engine mounting and been personally responsible for thousands of instalations i feel somewhat quilified here to give an opinion.... one thing i have noticed in regard to the discusions here is that nobody has addressed the mounting location , probably the most important issue in mounting the engines...without really getting technical i would just suggest that (if you are concerned with vibration) you look at the rotating mass(crank and piston assy.) find the centerline of that mass and and place your mounts as near to that centerline as to rubber vs solid, well all my bikes will be solid... these little suckers like to jump around and want to do all i can to hold them still. . . i saw one claim here that " eliminates all vibration" well the only way to eliminate the vibration is to turn off the engine....and you might do two "glass of water" tests, one on the bike and one on your engine... if you mount with rubber the engine will move more than if mounted solid. . nothing there to stop it. . for me, well i just bolt em' down and go, a little vibration lets me know what i'm riding and i use the vibration for a tach/speedo back out to the shop now.... love to build...
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