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Default Re: introducing the bairdco prototype cruiser.

The more I look at your frame the more I like it. Having more room for the motor is a real plus and it looks like the space for the gas tank should yield a good amount of fuel storage. I think it has that nice early motorcycle look, not necessarily board tracker, but that. too, I guess. I'm personally more attached to the early motorcycles for road use than I am the lay down low, no brakes, **** bent for speed board track racers. I like old motorcycles and this frame lends itself to that kind of fabrication. Same reason I so much like the old Schwinn straight bar frames. For that matter, your Colsons, some of the Elgins, lots of the old timers. The cantilever frame is nice in its own way and gives more engine room, but doesn't have that old time motorbike look. This does. I can see one of those in my future... I wonder if an HS motor could get squeezed in there. Probably not, but some time when the dust settles I'd like to get some measurements from you. I like my Motorbike with the HS engine so much I can see doing more of them. In fact I'm doing one for a friend this winter. Finding an old Panther frame is not always easy, and if yours will work it would be good to start out with a bare frame in perfect condition ready for paint. That would be cool. I like it, Baird. I want to see you making a living at this. It is inspiration for all us little guys who want to find our nitch. I'm rootin' for ya bud!
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