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Dan-O, you have nothing to fear. There is, never has been, nor will there ever be a, subsitute for a solidly mounted China Girl...oh, wait...Chinese 2 stroke engine. There that should clear up any misunderstanding.
The theory, and that's all it is, that you can eliminate vibration by soft mounting the engine needs to be squelched here and now. The true source of the vibes are produced by the single cylinder, 2 stroke power plant for reasons that I will not even try to address here. Please don't tell me it is because of cheap Chinese design. I've used some of the most expensive German engineered model airplane engines available, balanced the propellers and spinners, and we still had to wrap the critical electronics, recievers and battery packs, in foam rubber to protect them from the vibrations from the engine.
Pretending that you have eliminated the vibrations by soft mounting an engine will come back to bite you in the form of failed mounting hardware. Also don't give me the tired old argument that motorcycles and cars soft mount their engines. Yes, but the rubber mounts are two sided affairs where the engine vibes are not transmitted to the mounting fasteners. Not just my opinion, folks, but fact backed up by years of experience and other's experimentation.
Two stroke, single cylinder engines vibrate...either learn to live with it or go to a four stroke...which by the way also can shake your dentures if not mounted correctly.
Throw away the rubber, leather, lead and epoxy and solid mount the engine to the'll be miles ahead of the game if you do.
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