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Know this is an old thread but Kip has been working on it and think it is a great idea. A vibe free (or less then they run now) would be an awesome thing. The high rev/vibes of the 2 smokes are really and truly the only hard spot I have with them. They are the best looking engines (IMHO) out there for our thing and would love to see the vibe thing concured. Light, cheap the 2 smokes rock. Just the dang sound and vibes at high RPM. The sound is not hard to alter and some folks like em for that.

I am still betting on solid mounts. Share the oscillation threw out and dispatch some threw the air and rubber of the tires. I believe that the concept of allowing the power plant to move only makes for a paint shaker effect at any then the other RPM a "soft" mount can rectify. Absolutely can be done but (again just MHO) only with a hydro method. I am saying a spring, rubber or any static mounting method can not counter the vibrations threw the idle/high RPM range.

But could just lock it down for high, snork.

But again the ancient gauntlet has been thrown down! (wrench)We will meet on the field of battle! (parking lot) and have our mortal combat (race bicycles with motors and hold glasses of water on them to see how bad the vibrations are) Because there can only be one! (or several thousands. Give or take)
worst apocalypse ever

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