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Default Re: introducing the bairdco prototype cruiser.

i'm keeping it under wraps for now, at least until we work out the specifics. it's really not a secret, 'cause i'm sure there's some people who know what they are (and i'm waiting for someone to go "...Hey! that's a ----------!") which is no big deal, but it is my deal, if you know what i mean.

at first glance, there is a resemblance to a Worksman, but these frames are less angular, the rear triangle is completely different, and the drop-outs are different. Worksman doesn't have any bikes with the same features, so they'd have to re-tool to build one, and i don't have that much money or influence.

they're built just as solid, maybe even stronger than a worksman, though, and they ride super smooth.

if it stops misting and drizzling today, i'll probably have everything put together today except for the custom tank. but if i do, i'll slap the kit tank on and take it for a spin.

and post up some more pics...
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