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I love oil wars. I guess no matter what bike forum you're on there's always oil wars.

Back in the 70s I started running Amsoil in my Guzzi. Everyone said it would ruin my engine. All my gaskets would leak. My bearings would go square. Well guess what they were wrong, it never happened.

Then in the early 90s I bought a Harley, and became a convert to Red Line synthetic. It was even worse then. The Harley shop said it would void my warranty. My gaskets would leak like a sieve. My bearings would go square. Harley's can't run synthetic because they have roller bearings. Synthetic is too slippery. Bla Bla Bla. Guess what? They were wrong and now even Harley has their own synthetic brand.

So what this tells you is I'm not afraid to buck the trend.

Now Opti II

After reading this whole thread I don't see one person talking about the environment they ride in. The environment in Washington state is a lot different than here in Texas. I'm not that confident that one single ratio is the best for all environments, not to mention riding styles.

Opti II is not synthetic, so I assume it's not going to have as much protection in very high temperatures. That might be a reason to change the ratio.

I checked Red Line oil's website to see what they have to say. They recommend 50:1, or up to 100:1 depending on conditions. That seems like a good clue. If one size doesn't fit all for Red Line synthetic, I doubt a non synthetic could make that claim.

Opti II does have my attention though. I'm going to call a few of my customers that sell it here in the Dallas area and see what they have to say. Then I'm going to talk to the tech support at Red Line. I'll report what I find out.

So what's my experience? I've run a qt and a half of gas through my China girl using generic synthetic I bought at O'Reilly @ 30:1 lol. But I did spend the night a a Holiday Inn Express last night.
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