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Default Made the purchase!


I bought an "Op Roller" at Wal-Mart today after pondering the whole, "motorized bike" idea for quite awhile. The lightness of the aluminum frame and the fact that it was only $98.00 were both good things I thought. The first thing I did was remove the stickers. I will replace the seat soon since it is not very comfortable. I realize the bike is not the most heavy-duty, but again, I like aluminum. The black and gray look good together, and I know I'll go with a gray engine as soon as I can figure out which one to get. looks like the best prices, but their website and their effort to compare engines, I find confusing.

There is an abundance of information here, and like every other forum website that I belong to or have visited, there are ten opinions for every ten posts. I hope to be able to find the most helpful ones and build an enjoyable machine.

Thanks in advance!

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