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Default Re: weird Intake Leak Issue

Problem fixed....after making sure the air in was ok, I had to consider air out. My kit came with the catalytic converter sytle muffle. I lost my baffle a couple of weeks ago because the nut vibrated off. Anyway, I replace the baffle with the famous glade room freshener can trick. But the cat converter kept making think about restriction. Since I wanted to play with a better exhaust and would have to replace the muffler anyway, I decided to hack off the cat converter and just leave the top cap. So basically I cut the muffler about an inch past the point where the bigger section starts. Used a can opener to remove the bottom of the glade can. Popped out the spray nozzle and drilled 6 quarter inch holes around the nozzle hole. I figured I had about twice the opening of the original muffler and of course no restriction from the cat. Loosely packed a stainless steel wool kitchen pot scrubber in the can and attached the bottom of the can around the muffler pipe with a stainless hose clamp. Also drilled a 1/8 inch hole on each side and secured the can with screws to the left over top cap of the old muffler. The hose clamp just gave an air tight seal and the screws prevent the can from sliding off.

Anyway, the sound is deep and very quiet. Pick up is very noticable now and top end hardly bogs at all. I'm sure a real expansion muffler would best, but for two bucks, you can't go wrong....
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