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Originally Posted by 2door View Post
Sorry to disagree, Al, but the magneto coil will NOT go on two ways. You might get it on but you won't be able to install the mag cover. The coil is not centered on the core. It is in fact offset to one side. Try it and get back to me.

Incorrect..... Cover with coil installed wrong..... Correctly installed coil.....

If you think this can't be done, just read some of the posts from both NOOBS and those not mechanically inclined. The comment about the fact that these engines don't have a engine timing setting proves me out.

Originally Posted by killercanuck View Post
Aw c'mon Al, you know how frustrating a first build can be. He just doesn't realize the level of expertise of the advise that he's getting. If he doesn't want our advise, then 'ooh well'...

Onto the next one.
But the problem is that bad information is being put out there for whatever reason and someone will fall for it. People have a habit of reading so much then stop before the final word comes to light.
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