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Default Re: is it necessary to clean the gas tank before first run?

Originally Posted by Slowrollers View Post
Whats the reason for removing the filter????seems to me it will help keep crap out of the pet cock.....
I agree. As long as you keep it clean the inlet filter that comes with the kits will indeed help keep dirt out of the petcock. Grit will wear the 'O' rings which will eventually cause the petcock to drain fuel even when shut off. Install an in-line filter between the petcock and carburetor but leave the little in-tank screen on the petcock. Its double assurance against dirt. If it continually clogs then its time to clean your tank and strain your fuel if you're mixing/storing in a dirty container. As far as that goes you might be surprised to see what comes from the gas pump at the gas station. They're not as diligent at keeping their underground tanks, pumps and hoses as clean as you might expect.
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