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Default Re: 1953 Schwinn Corvette progress

Yea guys, i hesitated before drilling... but after some research on ebay i found that this was not the last bendix hub in existance and for about a hundred bucks anyone can have one..., and as to the issue of what good is it on a motorbike? well i found out the red stripe(the one i have) starts out in a lower gear than one to one.... i only pedal to start but low gear is good my schwinn jag is locked in low and i removed the shifter as i dont need it...thought about a shift kit, have not seen it done yet with one of these... was thinking you would have to clutch, let off the throttle, pedal back, release the clutch, add throttle.... so i decided i wouldn't try it....oh yea the motor mount...that will be changed...i dont like it either, but the height of the engine will remain, on these bikes there is not enough room between the pedals for the engine and i wanted to use all the stock parts i could....not building a custom bike, more of a resto-mod if you will....

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