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Default Re: The costs of building from a free frame

Sgt. Howard,
My thoughts echo yours pretty closely on this. I didn't use a Wally World bike as my first one, but it was a less than stellar build which taught me so much and gave a great deal of pleasure. It was a step through 63 Schwinn American Deluxe and before the China Girl came into its life had been run around by a little antique Bikebug friction drive motor. With the China Girl I moved into the fast lane so to speak and learned the need for better fastenings, heavy duty rims, fatter tires, first experienced the joy of a Manic Mechanic hub adapter and what it meant to have perfect alignment in the drive line. I was saddened when that good old cruiser burned up in a fire. I salvaged it's heavy Schwinn rear rack and put in on the back of a Worksman build this summer so that something of that first bike could live on. I've learned so much here and now my bikes are much better quality than that first one. Yet, it gave me much and started me down this smiling road of motorbicycle dreams. In some ways it will always be my favorite bike.
Someday when I grow up I will probably lose interest in toys with wheels, but until then...
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