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Default Re: 1953 Schwinn Corvette progress

I don't know about S6 rims, my Schwinn Americans ran S7 rims and they are a weird size. A regular 26" tire is too small in diameter. With the older 2.125 rims they were the same size tires as anybody else s. You can use regular balloon tire rims and tires on that and they will fit if at some point you want heavy duty rims. A thought about the 2 speed hub is that it is worth a good bit to the historical Schwinn guy, especially in good working order and cosmetically good. That wheel might go a long ways in paying for heavy duty rims in 2.125. I even used my middleweight fenders by adding little extensions at the end of the brackets. The ride is much better with the wider tires. For a pedal bike that Bendix 2 speed is great, on a motorbike it is kind of a waste since pedaling is what you probably don't want to do. Just a thought.
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