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dont get me wrong, i love my moto bicycle. im just tired of working on it every single day.....ive worked the bike over every day since i got it.....have spent more time fixing it than riding it and thats what i dislike. but as i said on the bright side, i think ive just about got all the gremlins out of the thing by now. *knock on wood* and its almost ready to put some serious miles on it. just gotta keep at it is all.....aaaand i managed to fix the back wheel finally. turns out the sprocket wobble was because the hub was bent in on one side where the spokes go......due to drive chain coming off and jamming between the drive sprocket and frame of the bike....I have to hand it to Kulana though they make a good sturdy frame. i went down to the store and bought the exact same bike, took it home, took the back wheel off, put the wheel from the motorized bike on that bike, took it back to the store and told them the wheel was all bent up and had no brakes, and they let me exchange it for a new now i have two good motorized and one that will be motorized some time next month when i haz moar moneys to get another kit.....will probably get the same kit i got last time and definitely another CNS carb because the one i have on my bike now works wonderfully when the bike runs......will let the wife drive that one.
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