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Default Newb from Annapolis, MD

Hey everyone after a few days of browsing your site i decided to join. I really didnt know there were this many people building motor bicycles, and some sick ones at that!

Some of you guy's bikes on here blow me away!!!!

Here are some pictures of my first project. It started its life as a turquois/white schwinn cruiser. Im not very sure how old it is but my dad has owned it for longer than i can remember. about 13 yrs ago I even put a basket on the back did newspaper route for a few years so it has seen some rough days.

When i started the project it was covered in rust. The chain was broken, and the chain guard was mangled. There were no fenders, and the tires were also dry rotten.

After alot of sanding, 10+ cans of primer/paint/clear, Hours of prep. And various bits and pieces that needed to be replaced this is what im working with so far.

The pedals are still drying and waiting for another coat of matte clear.

The chain-guard was replaced and painted by me. I really like how this turned out! The clear will eventually be clear and not cloudy. The paint it still a little fresh.

Chopped rear fender. I discovered when i installed the fenders that i have a very narrow frame. i could not make the entire rear fender fit, so it was chopped. And the front did not fit at all between the forks.

I decided to move my seat back some after discovering this forum. You guys/gals have given me so many ideas. (This is the original seat)

This is the only original piece that wasnt used/repainted so you can see the original color.

Hope you enjoyed my story. The next step is to find a motor kit i like, and then more paint.

Take care all!
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