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Default Re: AMF Cruiser for motor project

Bummer. Not fun when things and concepts fail. Bunch of folks reporting good luck with PVC. As an experiment, I put gas in a laundry detergent jug with a spout that would be good for us. I change the gas once in a while and have used 2 stroke mix as well. Do you think any thing could have reacted with the gas in your tank? Did you use cleaner before gluing? Side note; Laundry detergent jug held up and the gas has a lovely, lovely floral scent. (disclaimer, have not used it in a small engine. it ends up in the car and have yet to smell the muffler)

A good while back read the PVC would not play well with gas, but CPVC would. Is a lot harder to find and a lot more money. I really want to see the PVC work. Easy, cheap and can walk in any hardware store and get it. So, is why I ask.

Failures are a bummer but great for learning tools. Should see my scrap pile! snork
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