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Default Re: Northwoods Ridgedale Cruiser Build

Originally Posted by biknut View Post
I been riding all over creation. Gone through over a qt of gas so far. Already had a couple of minor issues.

First I got a flat tire yesterday, thanks to a staple in my best friends driveway. Took me 30 minutes to replace the inner tube. Takes me all day to replace a tire on one of my motorcycles.

Then I noticed my rear wheel had too much play in the rear hub bearings. Took 5 minutes to adjust the bearing end play.

Next it started dying at idle when I came to stop signs. I thought maybe the spark plug might be fouling, but it turned out to just be the idle stop screw loosening up from vibration. This caused me to discover a performance enhancement though, because when I thought the plug was fouling I switched from a NGK B6HS to a BP6HS extended reach plug. This increased the top speed about 2-3 mph, and has mo betta throttle response. Before changing the plug I had noticed it wouldn't quite take full throttle, but now it does.
Those are common problems that can occur with a new ride, except the flat. After you get the bugs worked out you should have no problems... well hopefully.

Keep an eye out on that rear hub, it may take a few times of adjusting the cones before you get it just right. What a sweet ride biknut
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