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Default Re: The costs of building from a free frame

quote: "...if we're talking simply assembling a bike with an engine on it, in my mind, the platform isn't as important as the build. After all, no matter where the bike was built, we're all putting a chinese heart in it..."

i totally disagree. i think the platform is the most important part. yes, you are putting a chinese motor with questionable quality in it, but it's the bike that is keeping you off the ground.

most motor malfunctions won't make you crash. in the event of a full seize-up, you have a good chance of skidding to a stop. from reading this forum, that's a pretty rare occurence.

if your cheap frame breaks, your cheap bearings fail, your cheap forks break, your cheap fender sucks up into your cheap forks, your cheap handlebars bend, your cheap wheels taco...

well, all of those could be life-threatening. and when those things happen, if you don't get hurt, you need to replace it all.
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