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When it comes to welders you get what you pay for. Some have aluminum windings and some have copper. I have seen were they buy cheep and turn aroud and have to buy a good one later. I have had my 110 volt Lincon mig for 20+ years and made everything from a 30 ft. coverd bridge to trailers, still going strong. Back in the 60's when I first started I had nothing but a torch. I brazed everything. Then I was able to get a stick welder. I gave that to my son when I got my Mig. Now that I am back to bikes I will be trying the torch again. Nickel silver brazing supose to be much stronger the bronze. The Torch and Tig are the same proses its just that tig has less heat. They are both fusion welds with filler rods. SAFTY is the maine thing. I have had welding burns to my eyes. And there is nothing more painfull then paceing the floor all night waiting for them to heal. my three cents......Curt
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