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Default re: Dremel tool suggestions

Buying bit kits is FAR cheaper than individual bits & these Dremel sets are about the least expensive I've found @ about $11 - tho there's the bigger "general purpose" set for about $20, you'll get a far better selection of stuff you'll actually use if ya buy smaller sets with exactly whatcha want in them... I doubt any of us will be engraving our bikes anytime soon lol;

Dremel 687-01 52-Piece General Purpose Rotary Tool Accessory Kit
Dremel 688-01 69 Piece Rotary Tool Cut-Off Wheel Set
Dremel 684-01 20-Piece Clean & Polish Rotary Tool Accessory Kit
Dremel 686-01 Sanding Grinding Kit
Dremel 687-01 52-Piece General Purpose Rotary Tool Accessory Kit

I will say it's a commonplace error for people to try and use a Dremel incorrectly & thus have problems, it's a tiny precision tool (actually for detailing usually far smaller than what we ask of 'em) & ppl tend to bear down on it far too hard. Let the bit do the cutting & with little to no weight beyond that of the tool itself you'll find it actually cuts faster, the bits last far longer & ya end up with a better end result. Yer somewhat limited if you've not a variable speed Dremel as bit RPM can also make a world of difference... but honestly another common misconception is that the bits are supposed to last - forget it lol, it's not like drill bits or w/e, they're completely disposable
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