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Default My Two Cents on CNS

Hi, I have been doing a lot of reading about the CNS carb. I should have done before I bought it. First off, I have minimal experience in the realm of internal combustion, but what I do not know I enjoy learning and researching the subject and I would like to thank everyone here for the great info, although sometimes it takes a while to find it. As everyone knows there are mixed reviews about this product and as of right now I think I might be starting to like it. I have been working on adjustments for over a week and for a while there I thought about ditching it for my Speed carb. The speed carb is easy to maintain and works great at wide open throttle (WOT). My CNS has a great midrange, but was definitely starved for fuel. In my reading I tried a couple of ideas I found (sorry I can't give anyone credit because I don't remember where I read it). I tried fuel drain to the top nipple (ended up bogging about 34mph) did not work for me, but it did help initially by increasing my speed from 31 to 34~35. Then I tried using the needle from my stock NT carb and moved the needle one from the bottom which is much lower than the stock needle can go. The NT is shorter with a shallow taper, while the CNS is longer with a long taper. It works great now. I am going a smooth 35~37 on a flat. I am going to leave it alone and check my plug everyday to make sure the fuel mix is correct. Furthermore, I would like to add that while the CNS might not work well on a stock kit it works good in chorus with other mods. Also, I think this carb would be ideal with a shift kit. 0-20ish is much quicker with the CNS.
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