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Default ***help With Dax Install, Part 2***

well i've run into two new problems.

1) i can't understand where the throttle line is supposed to attach on to, the engine or the carb. i just don't see where it could go. any help here?

2) the biggest problem yet is when i was just about done and putting on the spark plug when i realize it won't clear the top of the bike frame. talk about a load of crap. so i am stuck with two options that i can think of.

a) cut from the top of the bike frame so that i have enough clearance to install the spark plug. i'm not sure if this will weaken the frame considerably or not. what do you think? i think this may be the better of my two options.

b) re-mount the engine so that i have more room to clear the top of the bike frame to insert the sparkplug. this seems like a good idea but this means i will have to drill another hole in the downpipe. also, i have already cut the chain to position and if i remount the engine i am afraid it will be to short.

so i think option a might be my best bet, but i'm going to sleep on it. let me know what you guys think. thanks again. i've attached a bunch of photos. so enjoy!! sidenote, i also cut from the bottom of the sparkplug attachment (you can see from the picture) to see if i could fit the sparkplug on but it did not help. you don't think that will hurt anything, do you? now that the sparkplug attachment is short and covers less of the sparkplug.
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