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Default Re: Northwoods Ridgedale Cruiser Build

My approximant total cost, including shipping and taxes. Costs can go up if you need any tools, like I did.

$150 Northwoods Ridgedale Beach Cruiser
$125 Zoom Cycle 48cc kit
$075 Pirate cycle hub adapter & 415 chain
$040 REI Rear Rack
$036 Profile Design Dual Bottle Cage.
$032 2 petcocks
$040 2 30oz fuel bottles
$005 Spark Plug Cap
$007 Stars hockey puck
$003 NGK Spark plug
$003 1 3/4" muffler clamp
$002 Plug Wire
$030 Misc Hardware & Raw Stock
$002 1/4" Fuel Line
$002 Metal Fuel Tee


Whew, wait till Buffy finds out about this. She's going to have a $%!t attack.

In addition to all this, I also bought but didn't use a clamshell adapter and sprocket for about $90, and a ZTR spring loaded chain tensioner for $85. I also spent about $40 more on some tools I needed. I don't have many metrics.

Still compared to the prices I'm used to paying for parts for my Harleys this is nothing.
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