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Default Re: Winter is coming!!!

Originally Posted by silverbear View Post
Above or below?
LOL! that is just so wrong. Wrong wrong wrong. Not you SB, the thought of 60 below. Was on a tanker and we tied up in Comebychance New Foundland. Was 14 below and blowing stink at 60 knots. She was a steam ship and we had to use steam hoses to operate any valves on deck. The steam was nice and warm so you would step in the cloud to warm up. The instant you steped out of it, you literally formed ice all over your foul-language gear. (Like foul weather gear but you constantly cursed your choice of career when you needed to don em) I could snap parts of my beard and mustache off with my fingers

Had a guy walk into the galley. Shards of ice falling off him. He looked at us with icicles hanging from his nose and said; "It's not the heat so much, it's the humidity"

From there, we went to the Belgian Congo in Africa where it was summer and 114F. The ship got so hot in the sun you couldn't shower. The pipes were to hot. Had to fill a bucket with water and wait.

(yet sadly, I miss it. lol)
worst apocalypse ever
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