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Default Re: Attn: guys that run 100 to 1

You guys were raving about Opti-2 so I thought I would try it.

I started with a couple of gallons at my ususal 50 to 1 mix because I was nervous about possible damage from using too little oil. The performance of my engine (Tanaka 32cc) had no noticeable change.

Having some confidence that Opti-2 and my engine were getting along, I then switched to a 60 to 1 mix. I think my engine is running stronger. My top speed seems to have increased by 1 mph, downhill speed by 1 to 2 mph, and speed for climbing gentle hills by 1 to 2 mph as well.

If this holds up, my next batch of fuel will have a 70 to 1 mix. I'll let you know the results.
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