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Default Hi - another one from Brasil / Brazil

Hi, I'm in the south east (Minas Gerais) where I recently landed from London, England and recently (about 24 hours ago) discovered the world of powered bicycles.

As a lifetime biker I've commuted, toured and raced motorbikes of various descriptions but had to leave my bikes behind in the UK so I've been on the look out for something to get here.

I have realised my deep love of two-strokes had been hidden for a long time because I hadn't ridden or owned one for years when I highsided a Honda RS250 at Brands Hatch (it seized under me coming out of Paddock Hill Bend - ooyah!) and broke my collarbone. Although I knocked myself silly and didn't want to look at a bike for a few weeks, that incident rather illogically re-awoke my love of two-strokes. That was back in May and I've had an itch that needed scratching ever since and seeing how people ride bikes here, think a powered bicycle might be the way to go.

I have lots of questions and have been trawling the forums so hopefully I won't be asking the same old stuff. I have shipped over my Saracen Pylon 4 (which is stuck in Santos with all my other stuff) and urban bike with balloon tyres, hydraulic discs F&R and an 8-speed Sturmey Archer hub. I plan to buy a Chinese in frame motor with a jack shaft kit. Comments, suggestions etc. welcome, good old newby derision and scorn expected!
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