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Originally Posted by wezwheels View Post
the mag is floating magnet. it has no connections to it. the picture is incorrect. unless he sheared the wood key off. there is only one way to mount the magnet inside the magneto surround. it has to follow the key path in order to go on. his example is misleading. if my knowledge serves me, there is no timing in these motors. its a continues spark ignition. as long as the mag turns it gets spark. or it would have a timing gear, belt or chain. i took the time to put the #1 motor back together using some liquid metal on the bolt hole. will see if it fires today. i dig how you had a good idea. you should be a true elite member. thanks man.
Magnet... no connections..correct
Coil.. Three wires Blue,black,and white. You CAN put the coil on reversed so the blue wire goes on top when correct.
The magnet CAN spin if the key is sheared...the magnet can get jammed on the crankshaft.
The magnet can indeed go on two different in the picture.
ALL motors have a piston/TDC and fire to spark plug timing.

You are so far out in left field it's unbelievable. Since you seem to know it all "Good luck"
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