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Default I broke my cherry!

...and finally got a gas cruiser (what did you think I was talking about?).
I am completely new to anything about combustion engines and especially these kits. Everything seems to be sound and my first ride was a 50km ride across the city of Toronto. I have a few questions however about operation, care and what to do in case of failure. Sorry if these questions seem dead basic but I really have no idea what I'm dealing with here since I am coming off an electric bike and basically an electric/electronics geek. I am mechanically inclined though and have no problem working on it when the time comes.

-When coasting, am I causing damage by leaving the clutch engaged (lever out) or do I have to disengage it?
-The seller explained the choke but I am still not clear about using it. What's the procedure for warming up the engine and using this lever? He said it has to stay closed when the engine's 'cold' and the open it quickly when it warms up.
-I went full throttle a couple times on my first ride and I wonder if that caused any damage. How often can I safely go full throttle?
-There is no chain tension wheel but the bike seems to run fine. Is it essential?

-Sometimes I engaged/disengaged the clutch too quickly. Is that bad?

Maintenance and Failures:
-I leave this bike in the back yard and since winters around the corner, if leaving it out in the cold weather going to affect the bike?
-What's the first problem that I can expect to encounter from this bike? Or, what the most common failure?
-What the longest distance I can travel (provided I have enough fuel) before I can expect a failure (based on common experiences)?
-Do I have to, one day, take the whole thing apart and clean it or replace anything?

I probably have more questions soon but these are the ones I have off the top of my head.

Thanks for your answers and I'm looking forward to learning more from this community!
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