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Default Re: please read these simple rules

It's interesting to me that they can license, inspect, mandate motorcycle equippment, and charge for license and in every way treat you like this is a motor vehicle.....and then say you can't operate it. If they had in mind not allowing anyone to opereate one of these they should have laws mandating these kits cannot be shipped to New York or at least not put owners thru all the phases of getting road ready including selling them license plates.

I'd say it's time to write a nice long letter to the editor of the New York Times
explaining the recent boom in people turning to Mopeds & bicycles with helper motor kits installed on them because of the high fuel cost and the bike can approach 200 mpg. That ought to get some letters to the editor and to the politicians. You could ask for bicycle routes into the city for motorized bicycles and mention the Schwinn eBike in your correspondence. (just to stirr something up)

Somehow this reminds me of Dorthy, The Scarecrow, & Tin Man trying to get an audience with the WIZARD of OZ. (and the bueraucratic run around they got for their effort) Perhaps it would be easier to hire a flying monkey to
tow you along by his tail ?? (but they're probably busy working as Lobbyist)
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