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Default Re: The costs of building from a free frame

if you've read any of my other posts, you'll know i have a real hatred for china-made, junk bikes. on this forum you'll see hundreds of posts about the quality of a cranbrook. one of the most common is the exploding rear hub. so there goes your $65 for a rear wheel from husky.

frame breakage is a problem, too. luckily, you have a $5 one...

now, didja get the upgraded bike that has front brakes? no? well, after you cooked the coaster brake, you're probably gonna want them. depending on what set-up you want, it can be 20 bucks or 200 bucks.

i could go on.

my hatred for the cheap china bike is pretty obvious. i do realize that for some people, like the tinkerer, or the guy who wants to build one just to get away from his wife and spend some time in the garage, maybe take a little ride once a month, then the Huffy's the bike for you.

it's also a great bike for people who have short attention spans and jump from one fad to the next. you can just dump it on craigslist for a couple hundred after you grow bored of it and recoup your money.

but if you're looking for a reliable means of transportation, something safe, and something that can last for years with only minor repairs, you need to spend a lot more.

i think cheap china bikes are the main thing that holds this "hobby" back. when the majority of bikes that the average person sees is an oily, smoking mess with bent wheels and half-assed repairs, they're just gonna keep thinking how stupid we are for making death-trap toy motorcycles.
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