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Default Re: Do you sell motorized bikes? Looking for tips

I've sold several on Craigslist and let me tell you, you have to have a hook. Like all sales where you have considerable competition, you need to point out why yours is the better deal. Whether it's quality of parts, unique design, trick paint and styling, or attention to detail, you need to let them know yours is the one they want. So many people buy these bikes on a whim. If you just put it out there and say "here's a cool motorbike for sale", well, guess what, there's probably a dozen or so that say the same. Provide good photos paying attention to background. I can't believe some I've seen with so much junk behind the bike, you could barely see what they're selling. If you have a cool workshop that's neat and clean with one of those massive toolboxes, that might make a good background. Personally I like to shoot my bikes on grass at the local park, or at the beach. That way the potential customer imagines himself out and about in the neighborhood. Also you riding down the street makes a good point. It's rideable. Also offering customer support such as a printout of the owners manual for the motor kit and for the bike if it's new. Obviously offer a test ride before purchase. Let the customer know how quiet these are and point out the easy registration and local laws. Some people won't even consider one if they don't know they're legal. Let them know the extra work and detailing you did to your bike unlike the others for sale. It's a sign of quality.
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