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Default Do you sell motorized bikes? Looking for tips

Hey all. I havnt posted here alot but I have been lurking for some time. I got into it thinking I may be able to make a few bucks building and selling these things, and if it didnt work out, then id end up being stuck with a motorized bike ( self to wife: Hunny, it didnt sell, that means we are going to have to keep it, I should ride it often, to make sure it stays running ) needless to say, I wouldnt mind so much.
Anyways. I built the first one on a mountain bike, sold it within a week on craigslist for $350 ( $250 invested in the build) , now I have built a cruiser on a cranbrook, its getting some interest but not sold yet, I know the time of year is not right. But my question is, What are your tips and tricks for selling? where and how do you advertise? what do you charge? those kind of things im interested in knowing, thanks for all your input.
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