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Default The costs of building from a free frame

Someone mentioned in another thread about the varying amount of money that you can sink into one of these things. I love a bargain as much as the next guy and when I found a 24-inch cruiser frame for $5 at a yard sale, I was on it like stink on a monkey. Then, I started to do the math.

I've been trying to decide whether it would be best for me to build up this bike for an engine or, just go with one of the new Cranbroooks or one of the other "near $100 bikes" from Wally World. For someone just building a bike, not a themed "let's make it look like something cool" type of bike, the Cranbrooks can be an excellent start--if you do your homework. I've got a $5 frame in my shed that I thought of putting another motor on. Then I started thinking about it. $5 frame, $65 dollar (with shipping from Husky) rear wheel, new handlebars ($15) + grips and a new seat, and, new tires ($15-up, x2) and tubes ($8 x2). Unless someone is going to build something entirely unique and needed to purchase these items anyway, they'd be better off to go and purchase a Wally World bike and start with all new. Of course, EVERY bike needs grease and preparation and typical safety checks. Just my .02 and I'll be handing out change at the end of my rant.

Anyone else find themselves in the same conundrum or am I over-thinking this with faulty math?
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