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Default Re: Who sells Skip Tooth Chain besides eBay?

no one. even if you get lucky and find one at a bike shop, it'd be NOS and they'd charge you more than ebay.

it's totally obsolete. probably hasn't been made since 1950.

i was on a mission to find a chain manufacturer that still made them, hoping that some other application called for it. sadly, i was told by Diamond Chain, one of the largest makers of bicycle chains from that era, that they were made for bicycles only, and they haven't made them in at least 50 years. funny thing, though, it's still listed in their catalogue.

if you do get one on ebay, i'd pay the money and get an NOS one, or at least try to find one in really good shape. every old, rusty one i've ever had has broken, usually multiple times. if you take care of a new one, it'll last another 80 years.

sorry i can't help you out with any links, i'm using all the chains i have.

good luck.
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