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Default Re: SBP Expansion Chamber Question

The tab bracket on the pipe sticks out a little. At first I thought I'd have to cut it off, but I don't ever bang the inside of my leg against it. The pipe gets warm, but never warm enough to be a problem. I always wear jeans, and if I rest my leg too hard against the pipe, it reminds me not to do that. No big deal.

As for volume, going flat out, the stock pipe would be heard about two or three houses away. With the SBP, it's more like six houses away. It's not so much that it's louder, though, it's that the sound is ... pricklier. It sounds like a dirtbike, with a higher, sharper pop-pop-pop. The stock pipe was a slightly lower, muddier grumble. You can hear this pipe further because its sound seems to carry further, but it's not much louder when you're right at the bike. If that makes any sense.

The power difference is phenomenal. Better pickup at mid throttle, much better top end. As you can see in the pics, I also added a nice air cleaner, too. I just switched to Opti2 at roughly 85:1, and I'm going to need to downjet a touch, so consider ordering a jet or two at the same time.
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