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Default Re: Spark Plug Cap Installation HELP

Originally Posted by bairdco View Post
you're welcome.

i upgrade all my bikes with an NGK B6HS plug and a real plug wire, then you don't have to mess with the nipple
Plug wire is not the problem, it is the connector. Replace it with an automotive plug connector from NAPA and a rubber boot.

The automotive connector has a real AFFIRMATIVE ACTION spring loaded CLIP which grabs onto the nipple of the plug and WONT LET GO.

THAT means you must have a plug with a nipple and not rely on the threads to connect the cable to (ala cheap Chionese baklelite connector) .

The OLD way to wire up a plug was to use a washer-like lug terminal crimped to the end of he plug wire which the nipple-nut of the plug screwed down on and held fast.

Take it from a former Model T ford enthusiast (Dad had one) the wires from the spark coil terminated in a perforated lug that was held onto the plug by the terminating nut on the plug end (nipple)

RESULT Better reliability and NO failures due to wimpy connections

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