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Default My next custom build (maybe)

I'm hoping this will be my next build. I've been having to put it off due to other projects. I hate when that happens. Anyway, I think the frame is an early American cruiser as it's heavy duty and has good rear wheel clearance. Also the rear frame tubes aren't pinched and look very strong. The forks are, you guessed it, off some kind of moped. Heavy duty wheels with huge spokes, moped large front drum brake and moped tank. My usual 5hp Briggs engine with reshaped fins. I'm going for a kinda hotrod look, so I got some cool 1" Harley bars and installed these trick twist grips on both ends and cables run inside and exit between the clamps. Very clean with no levers. One for throttle and the other for the front brake. I haven't totally thought that out yet. Any suggestions? Together with a Bendix coaster brake and heavy duty late Whizzer autoclutch welded to the seat post should work nicely. I also need ideas on an appropriate seat. The standard Messinger vinyl I've been using is comfy and readily available, I have several on hand in different colors, maybe something more retro would be suitable. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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