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Default Re: realistic power outputs/reliability of various common MB motors

Originally Posted by tire View Post
What are the realistic power outputs of:

1) a 2-stroke chinese kit, and deviation (claims of about 2.5-2.75 hp)
2) a 2-stroke morini kit, and deviation (different kits; claims of 3.2, 5.8, 9.4, 11.3, 16.7 hp)
3) a 4-stroke chinese kit, and deviation (claims of 2.5-? hp)
4) 4-stroke honda/yamaha motors
5) other ones you may wish to talk about

They all claim what they will, but I have a notion to believe the chinese as being overconfident and highly variable, with the morini claim being more stable, and the honda 4-stroke being pretty believable.

i'm already thinking in my head of another build and that i'm not probably going to mess with these substandard chinese kits again. i've had to spend nearly as much on replacement/upgrade parts as i have on the kit itself. i'd rather get a reliable, no-nonsense kit that truly is "complete".

Robin/Subaru engine is great on gas, quiet, 1.6hp, high quality, dependable but weak.

Mitsubishi is great on gas, a little noisier, 2.2hp, high quality, dependable, moderate power.

Tanaka 47R sucks gas,the loudest engine I've owned, VERY noisy under load, 2.8hp+, high quality dependable, replacement parts available, excellent power, probably more than 2.8hp. With proper gears, this engine will want to buck you off your bike. It is also EXTREMELY rare, since it's no longer manufactured. These engines keep their value.

Chun Yang GP460 engine, pretty good on gas for its power, a little louder than Mits depending on exhaust system, 4.2hp, quality undependable with cylinder plating, awesome AWESOME power. VERY narrow power band. If you can't gear your bike for its powerband, it's a dog. If you can gear it, it will push your bike into the mid-40's or faster. Dollar-per-dollar, it's a GREAT bargain at $255.00.

For my intents and purposes, I choose the GP460 every time.

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