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Thumbs up Air leak trouble no more!

Good day good people,i have had a fair few problems with not only air leaks with my carby but also also all sorts of things coming loose(besides my mind)i have been using medium loctite recently(no not on my mind,although i think it needs it sometimes)and when u need to undo things it strips the threads,anyway i had this old bottle of (aviation form-A gasket#3 sealant liquid,permatex)and used that on my carby gasket and also my mount threads,have checked for tightness after only three short rides since i put it on last night and everything is spot on,(at first it did loosen a little, tightened it a fraction after first ride and even less after the second)if your having trouble with things vibrating loose or air leaks give it a try,. yendorrodney88.
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