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Default Can a pedal sprocket be used on the motor side?

I have a budget build coming up on a 51 Schwinn bike with a HF motor. I'm planning to use an EZM tranny for it (which will come later when I can afford it) and am doing everything else on as low a budget as I can all the while trying to do the build well. I'm all tapped out financially right now, but want to get the bike ready for the motor and transmission. Much as I love the MM hub adapter and sprocket, I'll be doing the rag joint on this one and want to do it as well and as carefully as I can. I know it can be done well as it has by others. With the setup and gearing I have in mind I would like to use a 64 tooth sprocket on the motor side as the driven sprocket. It is a very nice one which came from a high end Schwinn exercise bike maybe thirty or forty years old... chrome and heavy metal. So here's the question... will the teeth of that sprocket encounter any problem running #41 chain? Are they compatible? If not, then back to the drawing board. If it is then I have to figure out how to drill holes to match the 2 stroke kit rag joint sprocket... assuming that sprocket is concentric to begin with. I can save a good bit of money using what I have on hand if this will work. Any suggestions on drilling out the new holes accurately? I don't have a drill press. Thanks as always for the good advice I find here.
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